The Mind Body Naturopath


I understand you may have questions about my services and how naturopathy can benefit you. Explore my frequently asked questions below to find answers to common inquiries and learn more about my holistic approach to wellness.

A system of Holistic Healthcare that aims to treat the person as a whole. Mind, body (all systems) & spirit are taken into consideration when a client presents with a physical symptom. This is a necessary approach as nothing in the body works in isolation.

Naturopathy seeks to understand the root or underlying cause/s of the symptoms you are experiencing. This is done through in depth questioning and functional testing.

Emphasis is placed on the idea that “Prevention is better than cure”. Meaning that although some diseases are out of our control, many are preventable. This empowers us to take charge of our health.

  1. By providing a thorough and considered approach to your health, which acknowledges your individual circumstances and health influences.

  2. By empowering you to understand and take charge of your health, allowing you to improve your quality of life as much as possible.

  3. A Naturopathic Protocol can result in improved quality of life in ways such as:

    Improvements in energy levels

    Better digestion, less bloating, gas, and other unpleasant digestive symptoms

    Reduction in Anxiety, and improved tolerance to stress

    Balanced hormones resulting in an increase in fertility, and less menstrual symptoms

    Achievement of a healthy weight

    Clear, calm skin

  4. Helping to provide understanding of your chronic health conditions which may have been considered unworkable through the mainstream health system, validating your current state of health and allowing you to move forward with practicable steps.

  5. By helping to improve your relationship to your health and body by promoting healthy habits and behaviours which bring their own reward.

During the consultation you will be asked a number of questions which seek to understand the nature of your complaint/s and to gain a thorough understanding of what may be influencing your current state of health.

You will be asked questions regarding your current state of health, health goals, health history, medication and supplement use, and then questions relating to the functioning of your different body systems. Finally, information about your diet and lifestyle will be gathered.

Within 24 hours (unless communicated otherwise) you will receive a treatment plan via email. This will contain prescriptions for practitioner only supplements (where necessary), recommendations for functional testing (in some cases), and dietary and lifestyle advice.

Start by booking an online appointment through the bookings page

During the booking process, you will be prompted to fill out an intake form.

After you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email containing a meeting link for our private video call via Google Meet.

You can use your computer or smartphone to join the call. When using your computer, simply open the link in your browser, or download the free google meet app if you would prefer to use your smartphone. Please make sure you have audio and video enabled.

At the time of the appointment, just open that meeting link from the consultation email and the consultation will begin!